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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Join the 2012 Declutter Club

So in 2011 at Magical Holiday Home forums we launched the Declutter Club. The club set monthly declutter goals with the idea that in 2011 we would declutter a room, a house, a lifetime, I think we did a pretty good job and made lots of progress. Many people took part and we allowed the occasional "missed month" because life happens! Overall for me, it made a difference. With that being said my house still has plenty of clutter....I'm one of those declutter a lifetime people, because it has accumulated for many years!  Also clutter NEVER gives up, if you don't keep on top if it...well.....it starts to build right back up again. Each declutter project gets easier and easier if you stay on top of things!

One of the members of Magical Holiday Home found the neatest 2012 Declutter Calendar:


So we all decided to use it as the framework of our Declutter Club for 2012. We may throw in some monthly goals too but the calendar gives us some nice simple areas to focus on. With clutter, baby steps help...after a few baby steps you start to notice a difference!!

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