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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Declutter Club-Week Two

As with all things "new"....week two is proving to be more challenging than week one. Time is as always a problem but also attitude. Sunday evening I planned to continue decluttering the laundry room but I was distracted and "not in the mood.". I find when this happens it is a lost cause. Sometimes I manage to start working anyway and then as piles of junk go into trash bags I really get more in the mood. But not this time....I ended up with three loads of clean clothes but that's about it!  Oh well, decluttering is an art not a science!! 

This week the calendar focuses on nightstand and junk drawers,...this is DOABLE....I just need to squeeze in a few minutes....I hope to do that this evening and tomorrow evening!!  Let's get some things marked off!

My BIG declutter project for January is still the basement....will it ever get finished?  Now I have the added challenge of Christmas totes to get put away correctly...I CAN DO IT....

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