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Monday, March 5, 2012

Move It Out Monday: Decluttering Thoughts

I have to admit right now my house is a cluttered mess. Things are all over the place, nothing seems to be where it should be. Its exhausting to look at. I think the thing that is most challenging about decluttering is realizing that it is NEVER done. A perfectly organized and decluttered area can become a disaster if let go for even a little bit! Let more than one area go...and ...well....you have a house looking like mine. It's like a jungle overgrown with vines, weeds, and fallen trees. Time to take ACTION.

I started yesterday on the office. This is a room that wasn't finished to begin with. Then I realized there are other areas that I really must tackle first.  When I say that I mean for my own sanity.  So I moved into the living room. I set up my donate box and started in. It was amazing how in about an hour I managed to at least create a bit of order!  There's so much more to do though!

Here are a few tips that might help if you have a BIG job like I have right now...

1. As soon as that donation box is full....get it OUT of the house....even if that just means putting it in the car to drop off later!  THEN get another box and start filling it up.

2. Be ruthless....don't keep anything because you MIGHT use it....if you are not using it and haven't....and if it can be easily replaced...get rid of it and see if you even miss it.

3. Let's face it ladies....it's time to get rid of those VHS tapes....pretty soon there aren't even going to be VCR players.  Donate or into the trash.....they are real space stealers! If you MUST replace your favorites with DVDs...but also remember with things like Netflix....you can have them at your fingertips without having to store them,

4. Don't get distracted by other rooms or areas (this is a biggie for me). When I head into another area to move something...suddenly I find myself working in there....NO....go back to your focus area and keep pluggin away.

5. JUST START.....I find that once I actually start....I can accomplish a lot....its the starting part I have trouble with.

6. Think of it as a game...and keep score...give yourself a point for every box or bag you get out of the house. Give yourself two points for every area, drawer, shelf or cabinet that you finish cleaning out. Set a goal and when you reach it....give yourself a prize...no clutter please...maybe a nice lunch out, a movie, or two hours of reading time!


D said...

Excellent ideas to motivate us to keep decluttering.

Aggy said...

Words of wisdom. Great post.