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Monday, March 19, 2012

Move It Out Monday: Rules to Live By

Move It Out Monday
It’s Move It Out Monday and I thought we’d talk about some rules to live by.   As I've said before decluttering is a process and it is unfortunately neverending. If we let up for even a little bit the clutter will reclaim the areas we have worked so hard on!
1. Participate in Move It Out Monday. Every Monday move something OUT of your house. A great goal is a bag or box full of items you have cleared from hidden or not so hidden spots in your house. Take that box or bag to the Goodwill store or the trash but MOVE IT OUT.  An alternative would be to move out one big item like a chair, old desk, etc.
2. Everytime you bring a new item in to your home, get rid of one item. Try to get rid of one "like" item. For example if my husband says he needs 2 new shirts then I ask him to pick two old shirts to throw away.  My husband the hoarder has a bit of a problem with this one but if you need new shirts then it means the ones you have aren't fit to wear!! LOL
3. Pracitce the USEFUL OR LOVE IT rule. Is it useful and do I actually use it? Do I LOVE it. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that because a loved one gave it to you that you must love it. In reality they probably have already forgotten they gave it to you anyway!
4. If something has not been used in over six months or is outdated (all those old VHS tapes) move it out!
5.  Ask for clutter free gifts.  If someone asks for gift ideas ...give them your clutter free list. Gift cards for pedicures or facials, restaraunt cards, etc
6.  Set up and use a "Move It Out" box or bag.  As you clean, place items immediately into it. As soon as it is full or close to full get it out of the house!
7. Take picutes of old sentimental items like stuffed animals or children's clothes or artwork. It's ok to keep some artwork but every piece is a bit unmanagable. Put the pictures in scrapbooks or a picture file box!  Throw out the item!
8. Set up a regular declutter schedule. Do you declutter your desk every Friday? Is the last day of the month the day you go through your closet?  It doesn't matter what time table you set up but do set one up. This is especially good for hot spots!  Take care of them before they overflow by hitting them at regular intervals!
9. Find clutter free alternative for some items. Get rid of books and treat yourself to a Nook or Kindle. Get rid of all those movies and sign up for Netflix or a similar service. Do you really need all of those recipe books with all the great FREE internet recipe sites. Most even let you set up your own recipe box!
10. Simplify your filing. Set up month folders rather than categories and stick items in each month. At the end of the year go through the files and refile in a yearly file folder those items that you need to keep longer!
That's all for today soooo....get moving...it's Move It Out Monday!

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