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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Spring Cleaning

Your Spring Cleaning Worksheet
Spring is here and time to thinking....Spring Cleaning. I found a super sweet Spring Cleaning checklist over at Vocalpoint and you can print as many as you want...one for each room or area you want to clean!  Find it HERE.

 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Here's another version from Samplewords.com. You can find it HERE.

Then there's a Martha Stewart one available over at her site. You can find the version HERE.   I'm not crazy about the format with the table set because it just uses more ink but you might like it or get ideas for items to add to your own list from hers!

Printable checklist
Over at SheKnows are great individual room lists for the livingroom, kitchen, bedroom , and bathroom. You can find those HERE.

Visit Finding Home for another great spirng cleaning checklist and it's free to download!

Happy Spring Cleaning Everyone!!

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