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Friday, July 27, 2012

Frugal Friday: The Casino Party

Hosting a party can be a costly adventure but it doesn't HAVE to be! You can have some awesome decorations and great food with a little advanced planning. Today I want to share some of the pcitures from our recent Casino/Vegas party!

Sometimes the little details can make a party "pop". Since the party was casino/Vegas I used lots of cards (Dollar Tree ...two packs for a buck)  I used them in a variety of ways and places. Above you see a couple framed cards. (Dollar Tree frames...a dollar each....and I can just reuse them! Or remove pics from some you have and replace them with cards!)

You really can't get the full effect of this decoration from this picture. We used red and black curling ribbon and huing dozens of cards from the ceiling. It looked neat when you were standing in the room under all of them.

Here's another use for the cards....We created a backdrop for our table. Paper money (one package from Dollar Tree was more than enough. The bills were very large and in different denominations) and cards played a central role in our garland.

Another view of the table...(without any food). I used a basic black and red theme. Table cloth, napkins plates and plasticwear...all in red and black from the Dollar Tree. The tiered plates are something I already have. I like to use the tiered holder and add whatever colored plates work for the event I'm hosting! This adds a little height to the table and can double as a centerpiece.

To add some varying height to the table I created this "big money" dish using a roll of toilet paper and taping the big money around it! Add a plate and viola....a cute seriving dish!  The mints are wrapped in dollar bill like wrappers. (Dollar store...a dollar a bag!)

I also used dice from the dollar store but I forgot to toss them on the table before taking a picture.  I bought tickets from Dollar Tree also so everyone got a ticket entered into the drawing when they arrived. We drew for prizes through out the night. Some of them came from Dollar Tree and I also purchased lottery tickets that people could roll dice and try to win!

The BIG MONEY glasses were one of the prizes from the ticket drawings.....bought at the Dollar Tree for a dollar.....aren't they funny!

My grandson Evan wore this white t shirt with SECURITY printed across the back!

So there you have it ....my Dollar Tree decor for the casino party...We also set up poker and black jack tables. We had a betting jar for people to pay a dollar and try to guess how many rocks were in the jar...closest one won....all of 12 dollars....but it was still fun, easy, and cheap to set up. I printed the little tickets (where they wrote their guess) off the computer!

Entertaining is so much fun and doesn't have to bust your budget!

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