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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aug. 26-Holiday Grand Plan: List Week

Holiday Grand Plan
Week One....the adventure begins. I've worked holiday plans with differing levels of success for about ten years now!  Last year while I didn't manage to complete or even follow very closely I still manged prbably one of my most organized Christmases ever!  How I'm not even sure. Christmas Eve was a GREAT day, spent playing with my grandson and relaxing. All of the food for Christmas Eve dinner was ready and organized.  The elves were hiding all over the house when Evan arrived! Late in the afternoon we started cooking and by the time family and friends arrived the house was smelling yummy.My heart felt happy!  We enjoyed a fun Candy Cane Hunt, watched a movie, chatted and ate a feast. It felt like the Christmas Eve I have always longed for!  Then...oops...heading to the car for Christmas Eve church service I fell and tore my rotator cuff (didn't know that at the time just knew it HURT). However because presents were wrapped and in the gift closet, stocking stuffers were sorted and in individual bags, and breakfast was at least planned, I managed just fine with some help from my family!  That being said....It's a PERFECT example of why being organized and prepared pays off!!
So I'm hoping I've started a trend....success breeds success....so I'm all ready to start working on my home and holiday plans!  I think even when I don't accomplish everything, every little bit helps and it also keeps it foremost in my mind so things get ticked off my lists!
It's Week One: List Week!  The cleaning focus in the Front Porch and the organizing/holiday prep is making lists. I have a lot of my lists already started. I usually set them up in January every year but it is time to update and see exactly where I stand! Also because September is Baking Month at Magical Holiday Home I will make decisions about holiday baking this week....its always so hard to do,...so many yummy recipes!
Cheers!  I'll try to update during the week, how I'm doing but the priority is on DOING the plan not blogging it....so if time is a factor....you'll know why you don't hear from me!!

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katy said...

It is always so hard to narrow what cookies I want to make down. They all look so good. This the first year I am doing HGP so I am hoping I can stay on track.