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Monday, July 9, 2012

Move It Out Monday

I'm working on the basement this morning. If you remember my two biggest hot spots are the garage and the basement. The garage is decluttered but the heat wave has prevented us from painting so everything is still piled in hte middle of the garage. After painting I will move it back into place AFTER a final declutter and organizing round!  So today is the basement and its worse than ever.

I currently have three bags of trash to get out of here, an old printer, and a small box to donate.  That has barely made a dent. There are several larger pieces of furniture to get rid of and then I can actually start organizing that 1/4 of the basement. I'm going to need some help with those so for now I'm muddling through what I can do!

As I was digging through some stuff I found a little gold metal tree that I bought at the flea market a few yars back. It's not expensive but I really love it....and there it is buried under a pile of magazines, hunting gear and other stuff. It was slightly bent so I spent some time fixing it and placed it into the pile of wayward Christmas items. It gave me pause and once again emphasized what I have been telling my husband, Your "things" should be ones that you love enough to "take care of". If they are buried or lingering in boxes no one ever opens then how important can they really be?  It has given me enough energy for another round....sooner or later there will be chaos control down here!

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