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Sunday, September 16, 2012

September Dinner Party: Friends Color My Life

One of my personal goals right now is to spend more time entertaining. I have so many ideas I want to try:  recipes, tablescapes, decor, party themes. Yet the dishes sit in the cupboard and the ideas in my head. So my goal for now is to bring them to LIFE. 

Above is my "Friends Color My Life" fall dinner party table!  It's not fancy smancy but I like it!  I invited three friends and my two daughters, plus myself that makes six which is just the right number for a small dinner party!

I used the red chargers (which I also use at Christmas).  I used my fiesta colored plates (only the orange and yellow for fall color)  and I used some cute little soup pots I got recently!  They are in deep green, red, and orange. By mixing up the color scheme at each place setting it was a nice effect.  You can barely see the fall leaves glasses I used for water glasses and the tiny solar moving sunflower pots at each place.  The pots themselves were orange and red which went nicely with the colors.

You can see the place settings a little better in this shot but the flower is turned around because Cresia was letting it get some sun so it would start moving!  The flowers came from Dollar Tree and made cute little take home party favors!  The centerpiece a fall floral arrangement came for the resale shop for like 3 bucks!  I entertain on a BUDGET....so I can do it more often!!

I really like the way this little gathering turned out. Good friends and good food....oh wait...here's the menu!

Signature Drink:  Chocolate Martinis
Appetizer:  Zesty Cranberry cheese spread and crackers
First Course: Baked Potato Soup
Entree: Baked Italian Chicken Breast with stuffing and green beans
Dessert: Banana Parfaits

I must say a few years back I had this revelation that small dinner parties were "the way to go" when entertaining. I love my big parties (Halloween and Summer, and sort of Christmas Eve, although that's different) but for conversations and relaxing a smaller gathering is best!  I must say it played out that way. The evening was very relaxing and I acutally had the time to sit and talk and laugh with friends.

In October I might try a Ghoul Friends party...in fact yes...yes I will!

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