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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cupcake Tablescape

Cupcakes aren't just for kids anymore! They can be used to create a beautiful tablescape like this one created by Christy Stark for her niece, Meghan's wedding.

The delicate balance of colors was achieved by using creamy icing in the bridal colors as well as cupcake papers that coordinate and accent the tablescape.

To give some dimension to the table assorted cupcakes were placed on candle stick holders to highlight the kinds of cupcakes available.

The cakes themselves were light and fluffy, almost a cross between a wedding cake and an angel food cake, observed one of the guests.  The icing swirled on top was rich but not overpowering.  Placed on orange serving plates they created an elegant and easy to manage dessert array for the reception.

These while not as fancy as the iced ones, were my personal favorites. The light glazing gave the cupcakes an almost donut quality. Rich and satisfying!
Tablescapes serve two purposes:  to serve food and to delight the eye, this array did both!

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Meghan said...

Cute Ging! Love the pictures. And even though the donut ones were as pretty as the others, the people who tried them loved them the best too!