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Friday, January 18, 2013

Frugal Friday

I'm anxioius to get back to sharing some things with you here at Month by Month. So I'm starting with a Frugal Friday post...there's nothing like finding ways to save money!  I can't believe how much groceries have went up in the past few weeks. So it's time to get a little better organized and plan plan plan...so that I can stay within our budget!

I'm not sure where it originated but have you seen the 52 weeks savings challenge. It's pretty basic.. each week you save the amount of money for the week....so Week One you save one dollar, Week Two you add two more dollars, Week Three you add three dollars etc.

I wanted to start this Week One but I got distracted and so now we are on Week Three.....so this week I will need to put six dollars in the jar to catch up.
Look at how it adds up. Here's a blog to join the challenge if you want:
52 week savings challenge

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