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Monday, January 21, 2013

Move It Out and Repurposing

So it's another Move It Out Monday...the fun never ends!  I've been working this morning on cleaning out a couple drawers and my January through December files also.

I went through all of the January through December files and eliminated about 90% of the stuff in them. So the files are clear and ready for 2013! Yeah me!

The picture above shows a little antique wash stand that I decided to move from the living room into a corner of the kitchen. Some of my best decluttering occurs when I decided to MOVE something. So I've cleaned out the top drawer of you can not imagine...toys, crayons, old candles, papers, you name it and it was probably in there. Now it contains my coasters, some candle holders, and some party supplies. There's lots more room in the drawer but I plan to keep napkins and such in there. Now there are two more drawers in this little stand but I'm not sure when I will get to them. I have to say that the bottom drawer is pretty well clean and organized though.

I decided to place a little Valentine's (love) display on the stand to bring a little color into the kitchen.  I used my FREE printable Valentine's subway art, a red candle and a minature pitcher and glasses that I also have in red. I have talked a lot about repurposing and this is what I mean. Find some random pieces that you already have and create something cute!

Now the metal basket I already had from a flea market find but I wasn't sure what to put in it. I wanted to make some Valentine's balls using ribbon but when I went to buy the styrofoam balls at Walmart they were $4.67 for TWO of them. I wanted four so I wandered around and happened over to the Christmas clearance, where I found the gold balls you see in the basket. They were missing a little gold and they are really ornaments but for 25 cents a piece the price was right! I turned them so you can't see the top of the ornaments and they look just like the "fancy" balls you see...which cost a lot more than 25 cents each!

I know it's not fancy smancy....but it makes me smile every time I see it in the kitchen corner. I'll try to post each time that I swtich out the items so you can take a peek at my kitchen corner too!

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