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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Finds:Shamrocks

   Friday Finds
Here's my Friday Find for this week. Packages of Shamrocks. They are a nice size and there are 12 in a package. they come in a couple different shades of green. They are available at Dollar Tree.

Here are the two different shades with the glitter ones showing. There are 6 glitter and 6 plain in each package.

 Here's a picture that shows the plain ones. I bought several packages because we are going to use them as table scatter on the tables at my husband's I'm Lucky to Retire party.  I am also going to make a St. Patrick's Day banner out of some of them and I'll post about that over at The Creative Spirit.

I love Dollar Tree finds like this. Some of their items are just ho hum but every once in awhile you find some real goodies!

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