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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Month by Month: April Highlights

It's been a while since I've blogged here....sometimes living life gets in the way of blogging....and if I have to choose....I'm going to live life. That's as it should be!  However my home is a wreck, my notebook is a mess and I have no routines what so ever...so it's time to buckle down and get back on track. I had divided my Month by Month Notebook into four notebooks...one for each season. Now the notebooks are lovely but not really working. I am planning to keep them as files for all those great holiday and seasonal ideas but set back up my original Month by Month Notebook.  The home notebook can not be under used if one wants to stay on track.

I'll have a divider for each month as I did before as I'm just taking them out of the four seasons notebooks.  As I was cleaning house for Easter, I reminded myself that having routines and regular decluttering and cleaning plans keeps things from gettting so out of control.  Reminded myself of all the Organized Home and SHE stuff from the past. It's not NEW but it works. So I took some plain paper (for not) and wrote down each month of the year. Under each month is a list of big chores and cleaning items that you don;t have to do every week but that do need scheduled work. In additon each month is going to have a declutter room or area assigned to it also. This is my own take on the Room A Month cleaning approach but with the major emphasis on DECLUTTERING. I'll keep you up to date on how it all transpires.  I don't have all the list established yet but here's the tentative one for April.


Declutter Focus: The Office (I'm developing a check list for decluttering this room also)

1. Clean Pantry (I'm planning to have this on the list every other month)
2. Clean Linen closet  (I plan to start with twice a year but will see how it goes.)

If I find additional items to add to the list I will update later. I want to start out small as the problem in the past has been mile long lists that NEVER get accomplished. This month the declutter area is really bad....so I figure keeping the rest of the list small might help!

Cheers....I'll update later. I'm trying to blog this to get myself motivated. If I can bring myself too...I might even take before and after photos...oh it is so bad...I'm not sure I can. We will see,

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