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Friday, January 10, 2014

Focus Weeks 2014

I decided to try and get myself in the cleaning and organizing spirit. We have still not returned to school/work since Christmas Break because of all the snow and bad road conditions. This extended break has been great but it also is keeping me in the play/vacation mode and that is NOT a good thing!

I know most people run their weekly cleaning weeks a full seven days but I think for my focus weeks I will try a five day run. That leaves the weekends for catching up on an unfinished area and for bigger household chores. I know my weekends are my general grocery shopping/cleaning times for the whole house. I suppose that will change here in a few months when I retire, which makes me smile!

Our first focus week will be starting on January 13th and the focus will be the bathrooms. Each day for five days there will be a task to accomplish related to the bathroom area!

January 13th Focus Week: Bathrooms

January 20th Focus Week: Master Bedroom

January 27th Focus Week:  Laundry Area

Each week I will post the five tasks for each focus area.  I will also post them on the Facebook group if you would like to follow there. You can find it HERE.   Just ask to join and I will be happy to add you.

I want to try blogging my experience because sometimes it helps me stay motivated but I also have a tendencies to "fall off the grid" when blogging so the Month by Month Facebook group is a quick and easy spot to post also.

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