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Monday, October 14, 2013

Make Over Monday: Kitchen Cabinets Part Two

Well even with a very hectic weekend I manage to change out the cabinet tops. The aren't GRAND but at least there a change from the pottery I had up there.

It was hard to find pieces that were large enough that they didn't just get swallowed up in the space but yet not too tall because there's only so much space between the cabinets and the ceiling. I feel like I need to add one more piece up next to the pumpkin faced box...a larger piece so I'll keep looking though my stuff.
Do you notice how I still have the crocks at each end of the cabinets?  Here's why: Originally I took them down also for a complete make over BUT I have cats and the one kept getting up there and roaming around. I was worried that something would get knocked off because they were getting closer and closer to the edge with her help. So the crocks at each end are big enough that the block the little minx from hopping up there! She was NOT a happy cat when I put them back up there!
I'm looking forward to making over the cabinet tops for Christmas!!

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