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Friday, July 18, 2014

Bon Appetit: Rolls

I decided to try a little Bon Appetit project today. As I mentioned earlier exploring cooking and trying to teach myself some new skills and new recipes is one of my goals for retirement. Since Evan has been spending too much time with electronic devices I decided to enlist his help.
First order of business homemade rolls (yes with yeast something that I can mess up quite easily.) We decided to measure out all the ingredients while we were waiting for the scalded milk to cool a bit. Then we started the yeast with some warm water and Evan started adding the ingredients. I told Evan a bit of family history from when my mom baked bread and made ham and beans and about the time that the boys broke the widow and ruined all her fresh made delights!
He was amazed at how quickly the dough got thick as we added the flour and then I explained the kneading process which he enjoyed.
After that I explained we needed to return the dough to the bowl and wait for it to rise before making the rolls. He wasn't quite sure how or why that occurred but he was impressed (well just slightly) when I showed him the dough after an hour and a half. We then rolled in into small balls and added it to the muffin tin. Then we waited again. I think he believes all this waiting is a waste of time. Oh the fast pace of today's world just doesn't teach one patience.
They were ready so into the oven they go....

I can already tell there will be a bit of an issue with them as they are not all the same size so cooking time maybe an issue. It could be that I didn't roll the balls the same size or it could be the ones in front got bigger because they were warmer.

It's supposed to make twenty four-thirty rolls but since I only had one muffin tin I rolled the rest and placed them in a pie pan. I had another recipe that said to do that so  decided to give it a try.

Hmmm not the most attractive rolls I've ever seen. The recipe said 10-15 minutes. I checked them at ten and they weren't brown. Checked them at 12 and they were. Not sure if too brown or not but definitely not an even browning.

The ones in the pie pan were about the same. Now it's time for a taste test.

Hmmmm....not bad but not quite as light and fluffy as I'd like...maybe we worked the dough too much, maybe its the uneven heating of the oven, maybe its the recipe. They are definitely something we will eat but not quite the texture I was looking for....so I'll search for some other recipes. If you have a suggestion please let me know. I'd say overall my first attempt at rolls from scratch is about a B-



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