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Monday, July 14, 2014

Washing Machines, Weeds, and Why I Get Sidetracked

It's Monday right? So according to my wise and wonderful July plan I should have moved out two bags of trash/donations, worked on paperwork for fifteen minutes and accomplished at least half a dozen other things.  Well........

Sideways days.....that's why I always get sidetracked. First of all the washing machine has not been working and today we finally got around to having it looked at. It's DEAD. They hauled it away so now there is a gaping empty spot in the laundry room that needs cleaned and readied for a new machine. (Which of course we will go get tomorrow....which means Tuesday will be a sideways day too!
Then while they were hauling the machine out and I was standing in my front yard I couldn't bear the sight of the weeds overtaking my front flower bed so I started pulling those, Hey at least it's something off the July plan (listed under seasonal chores).
I refuse to let those obstacles (that I call sideways days) prevent me from my goal!  So tomorrow will be a new washing machine, paper sorting, and other manner of productive work!

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