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Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Weekly Challenges

Over at our Facebook group we will be doing weekly challenges. Each month breaks down like this:

Week One: Declutter Challenge

Week Two: Clean Challenge

Week Three: Organize Challenge

Week Four: Beautify Challenge

I'll announce the challenge on Sundays on Facebook and then post here on Mondays with more details and additional ideas.  If you would like to join the group on Facebook just click join and I'll approve you asap.

Why challenges?  Challenges are simply a way to give a focus to our week.....if we accomplish nothing else other than the challenge we can consider it a success!!  These aren't about being over achievers!  These are about getting a little something done each week!  Over time these little accomplishments will add up and start to make a difference in our homes!

The declutter challenge will give you a focus for that week.  I encourage you to start small so if the challenge is to clean a drawer....clean 1 drawer or maybe 2 and do not attempt to clean all the drawers in your home!  These little accomplishments will spur further action on other days and other weeks and you will be more motivated to get things done!

The clean challenge will focus on cleaning some area/item/place that gets overlooked as it's not part of our "regular" cleaning. Perhaps under the bed or cleaning the ceiling fan.

The organize challenge will focus on organizing something....your spices? your sock drawer? your closet....each month this week will be different so we will hit some areas of our homes that we use frequently and when they are disorganized it sets the tone for our day!

The beautify challenge might just be my favorite. Its focus will be picking a small area of your home to beautify in some way.  A pretty little shelf or mantle that you change up each month or perhaps a different area each month, that's up to you!

So in total in 2015 we will do 12 of each of the challenges. By the end of the year our homes should look and feel different just with these small changes!

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