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Monday, June 13, 2016

Organize It: On My Desk

No other place in the house can get into such a jumbled mess as a desk top. Mail, bills, notes, and other items clog the working surface.

Let's take a peek....on my desk this morning....unaltered photos of the "hidden truth" about desk tops!

Here's the right side of my computer "office" desk. On the right side is my printer, a coaster for my coffee or tea, a basket and a little ceramic pot. You also see a set of little measuring bowls that are from Mexico....they aren't suppose to be there....BUT I said unaltered! That basket looks a mess but it really helps me stay organized and not have little random notes etc flying all over the place. I try to clean it out every few months.

This is the left side of the computer desk. That notebook is my budget/savings/bill paying notebook and it stays open there most of the time. I've tried tucking it away in a drawer or on a shelf but I find that I really need that daily reminder of a "budget" and it's so handy to update it if it is open and ready!  Yep that's a stack of mail....not all bills thank goodness but things I don't want to lose because I will need them in the immediate future. The little pots are clearance items from Walgreens and they make cute and functional pen, pencils, and marker holders!

Now you might wonder why I called my desk, the computer desk, and that is because I have two in my tiny tiny office....and the other one is the craft desk, which can get just as jumbled and cluttered!

Here's the left side of the desk. Those little white buckets are from the wedding section at Dollar Tree and hold paper clips, push pins and other tiny items.

This is the right side of the craft desk and again I'm using some Dollar Tree pots to hold all sorts of items. You also see my "over flow" and lesser used washi in the plastic organizer. Notice the blue sentence strip holder (another Dollar Tree find) that I use to store some stickers, notepads and other planner goodies for easy view and selection.

The middle section is where I keep my most often used washi tape. There are currently two holders, the white one is from Michael's and the left one is a DIY one that basically cost me less than a dollar...guess which one I like the best! You can also just catch a glimpse of a jar that holds all my super skinny washi.

So that's it..."on my desk" this morning...I am so thankful they were not their usual jumbled pile of stuff so I can share them and actually feel "good" about it!

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