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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Additional Lists

I will try to get some additional lists up at Googledocs this week. I have to use the computer in the family room even though my documents are on the one in the office because for some reason Google will not take them on the newer version of Word. Same with the newer version of Excel.
I will plan on getting up the rest of the daily lists (Wed-Sun.) along with the Room of the Month List.

Like I said... not brain surgery...simple 'to dos' but using the lists has a certain accountability to it. Now I print off the list each week and mark and write on them. I suppose you could just use them as a reference guide. I do add additional items though in the blank spaces and I will talk more about them later.

I will also plan on posting my March menu plans on a printable document if anyone is interested in that, just let me know. Yes I did say MARCH...it is moving toward the 20th of February and I try to have my menu done for the next month by the 20th. Another BUSY week here with lots of evening appointments but I do have another recipe I'd like to share with you and also a photo of my notebook. So hop back by when you get the chance. I may think of some other goodies to include this week too.


liltattoo75 said...

Ginger, if you have the 2007 editions of Word and Excel, you can save your forms so that they are compatible with the older versions. That might work with posting onto google.docs. I had that problem with family. They couldn't open the files I sent because I had 2007 and they had an older version. I just saved my documents using the compatibility mode and then they had no problems with them.

Ginger said...

Thanks!! I'll give that a look and see..it would sure save me some time!