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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekly "To Do" Lists by Days (Mon. & Tues.)

Okay. This is an experiment to check out if people can see my document via GoogleDocs. Here is a link. Check it out and see if you can view it and let me know.


This is a simple Weekly To Do List that I use by days of the week. This one shows Monday and Tuesday. It's not rocket science...LOL. It is a simple list because working full time I can not do tons every evening. At the top of the list you will see my morning routine, then the room for the day is listed along with a standard list, then blank spots (more about those later), and finally my evening routine. Also please note that the blank area next to 15 declutter is used to list the "target area" I am going to focus on that morning. I write those in on Sunday for the whole week.
You may print the document via adobe (I think) at GoogleDocuments but really you are most likely just going to want to use it as an example to create your own list. Your home, work schedule, and needs are different than mine. I do a room every day except Friday. Then Saturday is for bigger whole house jobs like vacumning. I don't want to drag the vacumn cleaner out every night so I do it all on Saturday.
If you are really interested I can put up the other days also. Since there are seven days, each sheet has two days on it. The last sheet also has the list for the Room of the Month bringing the total to 8 lists. You could cut them apart if you wanted and make a mini to do pad each week but I have just been leaving them on a whole sheet.


Anguswise said...

We have a farm/ranch and spring is such a busy season for us. I think your lists will really help me until I figure out what I need on my own. I am new to the notebook lists and home keeping and am facinated. Almost to the point of being overwhelmed! Thanks for your patience and help. Having high speed internet is awesome, I never did any surfing with dial-up only business that just needed to be done. I am Sharon on your mini message board, I didn't know if I was suppose to use my username there or not. You sure can tell I'm a newbie!!

MrsSoup said...

The link worked great for me Ginger! Thanks for sharing.

SmilingSandra said...

The link worked perfectly for me too. I'll have to go back and actually read your list though...I was too excited that it worked and had to come back right away!

Ginger said...

Great since it seems to be working pretty good I will try creating a calendar for March Menus and putting it up in googledocs. Also the form you see when you pull up the doc...looks better when you hit print and it puts it in adobe.

cathymac said...

Good job! I like the format!

JR said...

Just a quick tip on the link you used to your spreadsheet... It works fine for people, since you must have checked the "allow anyone to view" checkbox - but another way to post spreadsheets like this is to use the "PUBLISH" tab in Google Docs... that will give a 'view-only' link just like the one you provided, but it will load more quickly and give you more control over what get's published (you can choose when to re-publish the doc/spreadsheet if it is a work in progress, or you can choose to publish just a portion of the spreadsheet).
Have fun!