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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Basic 1-2-3 Approach

Well, the Basic 1-2-3 Approach isn't as MAGICAL as the Wizard of Oz but it can help you stay on the track of keeping on top of things. I have started using this only about 8 or 9 months ago. I'm a list maker and usually my lists are long, too long....leaving me at the end of what ever "plan" I am working feeling a bit like a failure and rushed to finish the list. So I needed a way to get something done without giving up when the lists just seem to go on forever! Here's what I'm trying:

1 Every week get one thing done in every room of the house (big, small, in between..anything counts for your one thing)...Can be routine or an extra little something! This assures that certain rooms in the house do not get overlooked and clutter overwhelms them. This one thing may be part of the Weekly "to do" lists for that room but usually I try to make it a little something extra!

2 Every week get two things accomplished in your Room of the month. By doing this by the end of the month you will have accomplished 8-10 things. That is one of the things I use those blank spots for on the "daily to do" lists. Jotting in something at least two days each week.

3 Every week do three things in the room that is the focus of any weekly cleaning plan you are participating in. For me right now that is the JUMPSTART JANUARY plan. Can't do it all each week but that's okay...just accomplish three items on the room of the week list and you have been successful!! If you are not working a weekly plan just pick a room of the week and do three extra things to that room!

So that's it 1-2-3...and you have made a dent! If I get more accomplished great but I shoot for the 1 2 3 and make a game out of it to see if I can do it! When you really think about it. With our daily routines and basic house work we should be DELIGHTED if we get anything extra done!!

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