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Saturday, February 23, 2008

What are Your Roadblocks?

Every month I write personal life goals in 8 different life areas: Marriage, Family, Friends, Self, Home, Work, Hobbies, Spiritual. I was reminding myself last night that it is almost time to reflect on the February ones and write some for March. Well those thoughts and a thread at Magical Holiday Home about what to do if you haven't finished your ROOM for February, got me to thinking about ROADBLOCKS. What keeps us from doing what we want to get done? Oh I know, time, money, energy etc. But sometimes it seems I use the same excuse over and over again. Which leads me to question whether I truly understand the roadblocks in my life.
So When I write my Personal Life Goals for March I am also going to start a little section on ROADBLOCKS...I am going to look closely at February and see if there were things that stood in the way of me getting things done, maybe look at the items I had on my to do list, as perhaps they themselves were the roadblocks. Then I will pick one of the Roadblocks to work on during March, and I will focus on ways to eliminate the roadblock or at least get around it.
Next week I will be posting my personal life goals and I will include more about Roadblocks and what I have chosen for March. If you would like to join me...just let your mind play over the month of February and try to get a feel for what stood it your way (if anything). Then jot down some of your thoughts. Next week we will look at our list a bit closer

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