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Friday, February 8, 2008

Organizing for Life Every Day of the Year

As I posted earlier I want to share with you the set up of my Household notebook which I recently renamed Month By Month...just cause it's cooler than Household Notebook...lol. I am still waiting to finish up the January and February dividers so I can share them with you. I have that on my list for tomorrow so hopefully I will have them ready for you to see soon. Thought in the meantime though I would share with you how my notebook has evolved. I have had a household notebook for quite some time now and it has been used in several different ways. The original set up had calendars, master to do lists, telephone numbers, some cleaning schedules and I'm sure a few other items. Then the notebook sort of took a rest. When it woke up I used it more as a notebook for storing home information, like paint colors, home improvement projects etc. Then I started transforming the notebook into a home management type of notebook with seasonal cleaning lists, and slowly started adding monthly lists etc. What I wanted more than a traditional household notebook was a command center. A place to house my plans, a guide to running my home. Note I said my home, not yours. Every person's notebook will be different and it should be. We all have different homes, personalities, and lifestyles. It is not a one notebook fits all kind of world. My notebook is not DONE...it's never done. It is a work in progress.

So for those of you that wonder how I write so much and get stuff done around the house too.

  • My Home Notebook

  • My Lists

  • My Routines

  • My Magic Maintenance

  • My Seasonal Routines

  • And the fact that I love to write...so I reward myself with that!!! And it's FREE!!!

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