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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Super Saturday

Today being Saturday it is my major chore day around the house. Nornally I do things during the week but always still seem to have some major "to dos" over the weekend. It is also grocery shopping day with a smaller visit to a different store later in the week. So I will be busy busy busy but I wanted to let you know I will be putting some things up over the weekend.

  • January & February dividers are going up if it's the last thing I do today!
  • My Master shopping list (I'd like to show you a couple versions so you can play around with it) If you work this part of the plan it can be a major time saver.
  • A New Recipe: Chicken Fried Rice (I know its not a traditional Chinese recipe) But it's good. Found it on the back of a Minute Rice box.

So I'm off for now with my list and my head full of things I'm planning. Back later today to post more...but just a warning it will be evening before I get anything new up for you to enjoy.

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