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Thursday, March 6, 2008

March Section of Your Notebook

By now your March section should be well under way. You should have your divider, calendar, Monthly Magic print out, Room of the Month list and hopefully your Weekly To Do list with morning and evening routines and the listed room of the day! All done and filed in your section. The rest of the section is really personal preference. I like the special monthly day planning lists, craft lists and reading lists handy so I include them but if you have them else where or don't use them then that's fine also. I also forgot to add that I like to keep my Monthly Personal Life Goals somewhere in the notebook as well. Either behind the month sections or in their own section. The benefit of giving them their own section is that you can also add some pages for reflecting at the end of the month. I would definately create a Magic Maintenance list for your home though.

Homework Assignment:

  1. Create your Magic Maintenance List

  2. Decide which lists you would like to include in YOUR notebook.

  3. Decide on a place to keep your notebook...where it is easy to view...I perfer the kitchen most of the time...although it is in my office when I am adding new sheets etc.

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