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Monday, March 3, 2008

Notebook Monthly Sections Setup

As promised:

  1. Divider page and calendar for the month in a page protector back to back.

  2. Monthly Magic printout (two pages) filed back to back in a page protector.

  3. Room of the Month Master List: This is the list I create for which ever room I am working on. This is EVERYTHING I hope, scheme, and dream can be accomplished during the month. It has two parts...Things To Do and Things To Buy for that particular room.

  4. Weekly To Do Lists by Days (I print mine out and write on them, a month's worth at a time and I write the date at the top of each column) There is a column each week for the Room of the Month: I jot down those things from the master list that I hope to accomplish that week.

  5. I place a colored sheet of copier paper here. I use red but you could use any color. This is just a visual that helps me find the next little section easier.

  6. Rudolph Day, Great Pumkin Day, Turkey Day, Year Round Holiday Planning Lists,

  7. I place another color of copier paper next.

  8. Then I place any Mini Event Planners that I need for the month here along with a Cards & Gifts list. I keep my Crafts to Do List and To Buy List in this section. Just this year I have added my Reading 2008 Book list also.

  9. The final section is a page protector that holds my Magic Maintenance list since I use it to add items to my to dos each month/week.

Well that's it...the actual set up of the monthly section. The lists that are my Weekly To Do's get thrown away at the end of each week. If there are any important notes jotted on them I transfer them to the next week. This forces me to look at each week as a new beginning. It is also a visual reminder of the month's days passing by!

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