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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hippity Hoppity Sunday

We are starting a new tradition: the first Sunday of every month is Hippity Hoppity Day with the intention of working on Easter prep...well as I started putting away Easter decor...which was on the HH List....I started cleaning the storage area that is part of the laundry room...now I have several bags of trash, two bags for goodwill....and I still don't have all the decor safely packed away....but it looks better!!! So that is why I am not blogging much today....I'm actually DOING something....LOL....hope to be bloggin later tonight!!!


Carrie said...

Very fun... will add it to my calendars in my "mommy notebook".

Ginger said...

Carrie...I'm loving all your special day blogs...I will add them to my blog roll on my blogs as soon as I get a chance..babysitting my grandson tonight...so well....you know how little ones are!!!!