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Friday, April 4, 2008

Month by Month Update

Got a little off track this week as I am working on the blog rings for Rudolph Day and Great Pumkin Day. Don't worry though there is still lots more to come here at Month by Month. I am wanting to get some new pictures up of my April section and also get working on stuff to share about my Seasonal Notebook. With the Seasonal Notebook(s) you can do it one of two ways...you can create four notebooks...one for each season or you can create a Four Seasons Notebook and put dividers for each season. You have to be thinking about how YOU want to use your seasonal notebook. I have used it in several different ways over time. Here are some of the things I have included in the past:
  • Seasonal chores lists (compiled from ones off the internet)
  • Seasonal clothing storage lists (where and what)
  • Decorating ideas for the seasons (from magazines or internet)
  • Linen lists (I like to change sheet sets and bedding every season)
  • List of ideas for seasonal trips or day trips...info about local events
  • List of any special or fun days to remember...not holidays but like Winnie the Poohs Birthday and fun stuff like that
  • Seasonal Decor...list and storage spots

I am sure there are others that I have played around with in the past but you sort of get the idea...to me the Seasonal Notebook is more of an archival than a daily working notebook but it can be however you want it...sometimes I switch the Seasonal chores list out and put them in my Month by Month notebook at the beginning of each season...other times I just refer to them in the Seasonal Notebook. So be thinking about HOW you want to use your seasonal notebook...we will work together on putting together SUMMER...Most likely start the end of MAY to get it ready for Summer.

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