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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Month by Month Checkup

Time for a check up on your Month by Month notebook....okay where is that thing...is it buried under that mound of laundry? Under that stack of bills...?

Things to consider:
  • Where are you housing your notebook? The place you keep it will have a direct correlation to how much you use it. Mine is on the shelf to the left of my office computer...but during "active" work times it is open on the kitchen table. Sometimes it stays there for days.
  • Are your monthly sections "up to date"? If not... MOVE on to the CURRENT month and get it in place...otherwise you will never get the notebook in order. Always work on the current section or future sections (if the current one is complete) because your notebook will evolve as you use it. If you keep waiting to use it until it's DONE...you will never use it.
  • Recently I posted the one page weekly "to dos" list. I am liking it a lot...less paper. Have you made a weekly "to dos" list that shows what you want to accomplish each day? This is a master list that stays the same each week. If not GET BUSY...this list is the back bone of the Month by Month notebook. Here's a little hint for this one...do not worry about typing this and making it "final".....just get a piece of paper and make a list for each day...then try that for two-three weeks.....make changes as needed...try for another two-three weeks...at the end of six weeks...make any other changes THEN type or print a nice copy and put it in your notebook. And if you prefer POST this on your fridge each week and just leave the master copy in yourt notebook...maybe SEEING it will jumpstart you!

Okay those are the main things for now...do you have them in place? Are they working? If not time for tweaking. Leave a message or a comment if you have a particular problem and we can brainstorm a solution. Habits are hard to form and it takes time!!!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

My notebook is on my craft table... all laid out ready to use.

Yep, I have daily to do lists. Love them!!!