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Monday, May 12, 2008

My Home Journal

I have been thinking a bit about my other blog: My Home Journal. Thinking about what "topics" might fit there. Of course, "home as art" is a natural there but what else? I asked myself....today I decided that since clutter appears to be building up AGAIN...that My Home Journal would be the perfect place to talk about dealing with clutter, develop a plan and work the plan with updates and reflections on the process. It also fits in with the "home as art" and the house's "personality" because clutter says a lot about us and our approach to life!

So for at least the next two months and possibly longer the main focus at My Home Journal will be decluttering the house. If you have a clutter problem or just a problem area...please feel free to join me over at My Home Journal...you may post your plans and updates either as comments or in the chat box there. Maybe you are clutter-free.... if so Congratualtions...you are awesome!!!

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