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Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Morning Frolics

Happy Friday! Let's make this a day for some fun but first are we doing Fifteen Minute Friday this week? If so....ummm let's see someone may already have a challenge for 15 minutes up over at MHH...but if not ....here goes.

Fifteen Minute Friday: Clean out your purse...okay technically I know that is not part of the house...but my purse accumulates so much stuff...so let's spend 15 getting it cleaned and sorted. Get rid of that purse clutter and make things tidy...then you can find what you want when you want.

Fun Friday: Today is the day to put in a good movie....grab a craft kit (wait you do not have craft kits? we will have to talk about those later then)...well...grab something fun...photos to crop, your art journal, card stock to cut and fold for cards...something crafty and fun...and do it while you watch the movie.

Future Fun: One of the things I like best about entertaining is working on themes ...and July 19th is our annual Backyard Bash...Pirate Fest....so RRRRRRR you ready to hear about our menu, decor, invitations and stuff....I'll be sharing with you during the next week as I push to get myself in gear and ready to have a rip roaring time...let's hope rain does not dampen the festivities!!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

My purse could use a clean out-- I am up for the challenge!! Oh, I like the idea of a movie-- what shall I watch??!!