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This blog is my own little version of organization central. We touch on just about every aspect of home, family, and holiday organization here. It is my hope that by blogging my experiences, I can grow as an individual and perhaps inspire others to try new things and think about everyday life a little differently. So please join us in organizing for life every month of the year!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Morning Thoughts

Remember: It's Thirty Minute Thursday and today's assignment is to spend thirty minutes clean some paperwork area....it can be the incoming mail, a file drawer or the top of the kitchen table...wherever paper accumulates....so sort it, file it, pitch it....just work 30 little ole minutes on it!!!

Other Thursday Thoughts:

  • Are you ready for the 4th of July ....are you hosting a barbeque or going to a carry in? Now is the time to be thinking about menus and recipes...don't wait till the last minute!
  • Have you set up a budget notebook? Now is the time to consider it. The economy doesn't appear to be getting any better so counting pennies will make a difference!
  • I will update the monthly shopping list saga when I get back from vacation. i believe i have the list for the discount grocery store ready and I am now working on the non food once a month list.

Hope you have a Thoughtful Thursday...Take Care!


Carrie said...

My 30 minute Thursday is my homeschool bookcase--- lots of papers (coloring books, lesson plans, art projects needing put away).

teachermomof2 said...

My 30 minute Thursday was done cleaning off the next part of my desk. It's really starting to come together.