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This blog is my own little version of organization central. We touch on just about every aspect of home, family, and holiday organization here. It is my hope that by blogging my experiences, I can grow as an individual and perhaps inspire others to try new things and think about everyday life a little differently. So please join us in organizing for life every month of the year!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Morning Tidbits

Oh dear with all the Christmas in July stuff I forgot to get up the July Monthly Magic....I'll get it up later today!!!
  • Thirty Minute Thursday: Okay for 30 minutes we are going tow rok on either DVDs, VHS, tapes, or CDs....something in your entertainment center...I don't know about you but somehow mine NEVER seem to get back in the right box and put away properly...so that's our 30 minute goal this week!!! Don't forget...even if its a HUGE job...its okay to just do the 30 and then you have accomplished something!!
  • If you are not a huge blog reader I still suggest for this month...read all the great Rudolph Day blogs...lots of fun stuff up for July!!
  • I picked up some awesome Christmas Cookbooks at the library and many of the recipes will be equally good throughout the year...so I'll be adding some recipes...okay I know I have been saying that...but I'm actually gonna do it!!
  • Kitchen focus today...I'll update later.
  • Remember the GOAL for JULY is to move away from PLANNING and into DOING

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