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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Morning Whimsey

Back from Summer Welcome....and pooped! But we have a schedule...although not a perfect one!

Home Focus: Whimsical, light and airy....the summer heat is ready to pounce....I need to get some new fresh crisp sheets....lavendar pattern and I need to find thay lovely lavendar rose quilt I have tucked away some where...need to get my bedroom a little more summery looking....alas...I am actually ready to start tearing up the carpet in there. Plan to put down some wooden looking tile...HATE the dust and cat dander collected in old carpet!! I replaced the carpet in Kelsey's room a couple years ago with easty to care for vinyl tile that looks like wood....no regrets...it's wonderful! But anyway...the bedroom is sure to be in disarray for 4 weeks or so...as I tear up carpet, paint, put down new flooring etc....but that's okay...I really want to get this project DONE!!!

Food Focus: I'm thinking light and tasty for food as well. I'd really like to lose some weight...and that means smaller portions, eating slowly, and finding some yummy but low cal recipes...

Organizing Focus: Don't forget Thirty Minute Thursday is tomorrow...the goal....under the bathroom sink...this is the perfect spot for me to declutter. I am planning to do the hall bathroom for my 30 minutes. I find that the less clutter the more light hearted I feel and it's so much easier to actually USE what you have!

So let's get moving....get rid of the trash, get rid of the junk, get rid of anything you haven't used in the last year!!!

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