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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grocery News

I had to laugh today when a news story came on about the price of groceries and how people are looking for ways to still eat well but save money also. We are WAY ahead of them here on Month by Month.

One thing I am discovering is for some reason buying in larger quantities seems to feel different. I still have the menus all planned out but there's a little cushion here and there too. Like I said before I am going to try to "get by" with out a trip to the discount store until August 23rd...I am working on August menus to take that into account and I think I might make my goal BUT the real challenge will be getting some weekly bargains so I stay within budget for those!

I am also going to revise my menu making just a bit and put it off until after the 23rd. The thing is I found several good meat buys etc at the Save a Lot store and so I will weave them into the menus...BUT if I just wait until after the BIG trip to the discount store I can just build my menus around my buys rather than the other way around...make menus then buy....instead...buy and then make menus...make sense?

So far we have eaten pretty well...I bought some snack cakes and froze them so we'd have enough for a bit..but I think I will alternate between baking some things from scratch and using the premade snack stuff. So I will plan on buying snacks for two weeks and making things the other two weeks to get through the whole month. Right now I need to find a pumpkin bread recipe because I have some pumpkin and I also have a cookie recipe to try because I want to experiment with freezing them...so those two are coming up this weekend!

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