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Monday, July 14, 2008

Just Some Monday Mentions

Couple of things I have been pondering today as I clean and organize my gift closet.
  • Daily rountines/pick ups: Lately I feel like I get a room clean...move on to the next one and in the meantime the first one falls apart again. Ever had that happen? So I started looking at my daily to dos and realized that the General House Pickup first of all needs to be a priority and second...that I need to start first with the rooms I have in the best shape...I know it would seem that you should leave those and move to the areas of most need ...BUT...when I do that...it seems to fall apart...nothing more frustrating or discouraging than having the ONE room you have "in shape" cluttered and back to square one. And it happens quickly...so for the last few days...my first chore...pick up and spiffy up the kitchen since I spent time getting it in shape...now the pick up is QUICK after doing it everyday!! As more rooms are streamlined and deep cleaned they will be added to the list...
  • Grocery Challenge: This once a month shopping is paying off...fewer trips to the store, more organized menus, and plenty of variety. One thing I wanted to mention...I am trying to use three to four new recipes each month so things are interesting but still easy to manage...the rest are either tried and true family favorites or ones that rotate in and out of the menu system every couple of months. I am making a big effort to look at recipe ingredients and find ones that use the purchase in a timely manner. For example if a recipe calls for green olives or something I might not buy routinely...I will look for another recipe using them also...then I can use up the whole jar and nothing goes to waste!!

Well off to work on the gift closet again and laundry too....hope to get back to you will some more good stuff...later!!

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