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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Morning Tidbits

Keeping in the routine and following through on my "to do" list is a challenge recently. I had made a list of yard chores planning to do some every morning while it is cool. This morning I woke up and felt so tired I almost didn't follow through...BUT I made myself get up and go mulch the Rock Garden which is also a Fairy Garden....I am so glad I did. It looks great. I want to get some photos later for my Fairy blog.! I suppose the key is to feel so good about it afterwards that you want to keep on track!! Ditto the kitchen...that is first on my list as soon as I finish up here on the computer which is VERY soon now!

When I start to feel overwhelmed with everything there is to do and even to buy and repair around here....I just write it on my master list...might not get to it for a LONG time but at least it is there and I feel like I have it listed at least. So right now I have a Master List divided into three parts: Things To Do (not my routine stuff) Things To Repair and Things to Buy....

I am also amazed at how much easier things are to do once you get stuff decluttered, organized, and follow a good routine!! It was so easy to whip up supper last night in the kitchen and now I am working on the linen closet...it is small and a mess...I am moving some of the items stored in there either to the TRASH...or to another area...maybe a box and then if they are not used in a certain amount of time...into the TRASH. It was becoming a real hassle to put away and get out towels...now I have space for them so the chore will be so much easier!

Well...back to work...haven't heard from anyone lately...hope your "to dos", master list and grocery lists are working well for you...And DON"T neglect your Month by Month notebook...keep pluggin away!!!

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