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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keeping It Real

Sorry my posting is down a bit here at Month by Month but I have been posting daily over at my Rudolph Day blog and my blog at Merry Christmas forums....posting daily for Christmas in July but after the 31st...those blogs will go back to every now and then and I'll be back here full force.

I am excited to say that I am REALLY focused on getting my daily routines back into a strong place in life. Even when I do not get through every single thing on the daily "to do" list I am still making progress this week and it feels good. I mean...the room's coming back up next week so hopefully by plugging away...each week it will get easier and easier!!! So I have been working on the following:
  • Daily to dos EVERY day...even if I do not get through the whole room list!
  • Special Days: Today is Track it Tuesday so I am working on planner, Month by Month notebook and a couple other items
  • Declutter: This is an ongoing MAJOR job here and a bit overwhelming so the key is daily 15 minute declutter sessions and hopefully one or two longer 30 minute ones during the week
  • Grocery Challenge: This is going well but I still have work to do...especially in the area of inventory and tracking.
  • August Monthly Magic: I will be getting this up later this week....I just can not beleive it will be August first!!

Well....gotta head out....more to come....I have not forgotten about our little adventures here at Month by Month....I do encourage you to take part in our special days each week ...they are already making a difference here at our house...so....


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