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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Pre-Holiday Plan...Plans

The Houseworks Holiday Plan starts August 31st....how can that be...the year has just evaporated. Well, every year...try as I might...I never make it through the plan. So this year...I got to thinking....part of my problem is...I try to do it ALL during one plan. What I really need to be doing is establishing my routines...get on track again BEFORE the plan starts. Returning to work next week...makes me realize that I goofed around a lot this summer...LOL....okay it happens to the best of us...doesn't it?

So I will be working my daily routines EVERY day between now and August 31st...no exceptions...and I will do our Special days....like Move it Out Monday...whenever possible I will make the special day project...fit in to the room that's on my daily rotation! Bit by bit...I'll be on track and then it will just be a matter of adding the Houseworks Holiday Plan....AND this year it is going to be simplified....can't do everything...so I will take seven items each week...and do ONE each day...that's.... it just one of the household chores...AND I will add three-five holiday prep items per week during September/October and then November I will most likely increase those...my goal...is usually to be done with all Christmas shopping/chores etc by December 10th...I never have made it...so this year I plan too!!!!

To make all this happen....first routines, then SIMPLIFY....and even with just a few extra things accomplished I will be ahead of the game. So tomorrow...I'll follow my routine and do a tiny bit of holiday prep by updating lists and getting some stocking stuffers and 24 days of Christmas gifts into one organized storage spot!!

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