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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday Morning Whimsey

Here's why I am having trouble getting things accomplished...distractions...LOL...I got up bright and early this morning....walked out to water the flowers in front of the house...then realized there was a large amount of weeds in the bed...so I pulled them...transplanted a plant...and then proceeded to take a gander at the beds in the back of the house. GOOD GRIEF...the weeds have over taken. As I have mentioned before this year has been VERY rainy here and therefore I just never got my beds in shape and planted the way I wanted to.

So I weeded one ...empty bed and laid down cardboard to kill whatever I missed with the intentions of planting something in it this weekend. Planting? You say that should all be done...but alas it is not and I just noticed yesterday that one of the local places has their plants 70% off and some nice ones left. I sprayed some weed killer on another bed of weeds...LOL...I try not to use it very often but it just seemed quicker than pulling. AND I still have a lot of weeding left to do...but that's it until this evening...perhaps I can get 30-40 minutes in then!!

Oh sorry....I'm rambling....
  • This is office day today which should be interesting as I have 20 month old Evan here to spend the day with me...perhaps he will help...LOL
  • When Evan naps (in the office by the way)...I plan on continuing with the downstairs office/computer/scrap studio area. It is a TOTAL wreak!!!
  • Along with that when I get a minute here or there I am looking through some Christmas cookbooks I checked out from the library and I'm writing down any recipes that I might want to try. I am actually planning to try a couple this wekend for the barbeques and just to sample!! I'll let you know how they turn out...a couple appetizers and a salad one!

So not much whimsey today huh? Well that's okay...if I accomplish nothing else today...I did destroy some weeds..LOL

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