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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Autumn: My Favorite Season

Well as you can see...I just couldn't wait until September to change my header to a lovely autumn one! Around the house I have been gearing up for the Houseworks Holiday Plan. There's lots to do and I will just keep plugging away each month. I have three main projects at this time:

1. Bedroom: Sorting and cleaning...and getting ready to tear up old carpet, paint, and lay new flooring. I am just going to have to jump into this one or it will never get started. I've been meaning to do it for over a year.

2. Garage Clean Out: This is a seasonal project and it will most likely take the WHOLE season just to get it accomplished...this one is a BIGGIe but also a MUST DO...

3. Autumn Yard Work: Weed and mulch beds as the season progresses...a few shrubs I'd like to remove also if time allows. This will take some joint effort from DH. Pack away pots, furniture etc.

Those are the three big projects along with trying to keep up with the dailies and weeklies...that in and of itself is a task!! So I hope you will join me here at Month by Month to work on our lives and get ourselves organized!

I am back to my regular posting schedule...so this week watch for a nice fall recipe, another page to print for your autumn notebook, and some pictures I'm wanting to share with you!

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