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Monday, October 13, 2008

Move It Out Monday 10/13/08

It's Move It Out Monday...the day of the week to focus on decluttering...remember...the goal is to move out.....one bag of trash/clutter today! You can do it...sort some things for goodwill and drop them off....or just throw it away.....if it is something you have not used in ages....get rid of it...most of what we have "stored" will never see the light of day again....so eliminate a box or two TODAY!!!

I am trying to change my mind set about "stuff" ....for example I need to clean of the garden shelves in the garage...there are three or four metal boxes out there...I keep saving them thinking I can use them for gift boxes...by spray painting them and decorating them etc...BUT I have had them for two years at least...this go around they are getting trashed...I mean honestly I can either get something as good or close at the flea market or resale shop if needed ....or just use a 25 cents gift bag...for heaven sakes!!! This would open up an entire shelf for things I do want to keep and store as I clean the patio etc.

So GOOD LUCK and may the DECLUTTER MODE hit for you today!!

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