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Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Countdown Week of Oct. 12th

Wow...I have been cleaning all weekend and have barely made a dent in everything that needs to be done. Getting behind and getting overwhelmed has created a lot more work...so I'm digging in my heels and digging through stuff to get back to where I NEED to be...

October Countdown Week of Oct 12th
[ ] Finish working on kitchen table...good grief
[ ] Clean out pantry
[ ] Put out a FEW autumn items in kitchen
[ ] Put tea set up in top of pantry
[ ] Laundry: My stuff
[ ] Yellow bathroom (scrub and clean)
[ ] Sort and discard items in linen closet
[ ] Take white rocker to good will
[ ] Laundry.... Towels and Fall throws so they are ready for Sat.
[ ] Patio...discard trash and pack away flower pots
[ ] Trim back moon plant
[ ] Put away fairy houses
[ ] Cleaning off gardening shelf in garage...get rid of STUFF!!
[ ] Laundry: Jeans
[ ] Clean bedroom
[ ] Put new sheets on bed
[ ] Put clean quilt on bed
[ ] Put new dust ruffle on bed
[ ] Laundry ...Quilts
[ ] Mop kitchen floor
[ ] Dust livingroom
[ ] Sort decor for party
[ ] Costumes: Get costumes ready for Sat. night
[ ] Get food for party (final list)
[ ] Clean house AGAIN (of course)
[ ] Set up outside...decor and fire pits, tables, etc.
[ ] Post party yard clean up
[ ] Clean kitchen
That's it for this week....I decided to break it down into certain tasks that I need to complete BEFORE Saturday...along with of course all the "regular" stuff.
BUT after the Boo Bash...I need to keep on with some little focus areas each day...because there's lots to do...and daily challenges...really help me stay on track!

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