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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Track It Tuesday 10/14/08

Today is Track It Tuesday and the focus of the day is paperwork and lists....whether it's working on the budget, your month by month notebook, or just creating some "to do" lists...let's keep track of things today.!!!

Here are some suggestions for Track It Tuesday projects:

1. Clean off desk
2. File papers
3. Shred papers
4. Make a list for the rest of the week
5. Review your daily and weekly lists and adjust as needed
6. Work on your Month by Month notebook
7. Work on your Fall Notebook
8. Work on your budget notebook
9. Organize recipes
10. Set up a mail center with stamps, envelopes, etc
11. Organize and Inventory DVDs
12. Work on your address book

Well....those are just some ideas to pick from....Tuesdays are about getting thoughts and other items organized so we can keep track of our lives and stay on top of the things that are important to us!

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