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Monday, February 23, 2009

Days This Week

Hey all...here's my list of daily themes for the week:

MOVING IT OUT MONDAY: Work on items stashed in the bedroom...sort and get them in the right place as well as getting rid of one bag of "stuff"

TRACK IT TUESDAY: This is a budget day for me....review budget notebook...work on budget cards for my card file...this card file lists all important info on all accounts or bills...phone numbers, site addresses etc...so it's easy to grab and pay bills..

WILD CARD WEDNESDAY: I drew my card this morning...and it's clean and sort toys...wow this is a biggie and one I need to do...Evan's toys are stored in my office and what a mess...so Wednesday I'll at least make a dent in figureing out a better way to store them...

Thirty Minute Thursday: I am going to use 30 minute Thursdays to either work in the basement or garage...(depending on the weather)...if it's warm enough this week I will spend my 30 in the garage...there's a bunch of trash out there that I can sit out for trash pickup Friday.

Fifteen Minute Friday: Friday's for me this year are desk day...so I will clean off the top of my desk and hopefully get some order there!!!

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