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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Autumn Notebook

It's almost September first...and time to be thinking about the Autumn Notebook Challenge here at Month by Month. Yes you heard me right...a notebook challenge...each week during September I will post a short list of things to do in setting up your Autumn Notebook. Your CHALLENGE is to do them each week and by the end of the month. You will have a great notebook set up for the fall season!

Right now is a GREAT time to buy notebooks. I picked up a lovely orange one at Walmart. It is a clearview so I can use the cover sheets from Melinda's site to jazz it up a bit. I created my own spine insert for it...and it's ready to rock and roll! My notebook is only partially set up so I'll be joining you in the challenge also.


1. Get a notebook
2. Be brainstorming ideas for sections
3. Create or Buy dividers

Here's a little hint: I set mine up as months...so inside the notebook I have a section for September, October, and November. Then behind each of those I have sections called: Home & Garden, Holidays & Events. and Celebrating.

I'll talk more about the sections and what I am planning to include in them during the first week of September!


House Elf said...

Great idea seperating by months Ginger! Looking forward to setting up my notebook :)

Debby said...

I love Melinda's covers!!!