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Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's ALL in the Title

You know....from my rambling post yesterday that motivation is alluding me of late...well...I've been pondering that some more and then it hit me....It's all in the title....the blog title....Month by Month....the best progress I've ever made on anything has been month by month....

Not necessarily in a notebook or note pad or even on a card....but just plain old good monthly planning. The cleaning plan that always helped me the most was the Room of the Month. I feel more organized when I look at things in a monthly format. Even when I taught Kindergarten we did our planning monthly...monthly themes etc.

So I'm going to try getting back on track with the Room of the Month approach...along with some other little things like Move It Out Mondays (one of my fave daily ones). I think the idea of weekly planning overwhelms and discourages me (even though the monthly list gets broken down into weekly ones).

I also think monthly planning fits my lifestyle because I get a FRESH start every 30-31 days. I also like it that I can spice up my monthly planning by adding the Monthly Magic ideas for birthdays and party planning if needed that month! Throw in a FUN Celebrate Me Day on the 15th and Rudolph Day on the 25th and it makes for a well rounded month.

In addition, I can add a bit of FOCUS to my month by adding in a CENTRAL THEME....for that month. For example let's say March's Room of the Month is the Living Room....I can also have a central theme of say...BOOKS (if I want to be specific) or DECLUTTER (if I want to be general) and then along with the Room of the Month...throughout the whole house I also concentrate on the central theme.....

I don't know if it will work but I just feel like I need MORE than just the Room of the Month.....or I'm never going to accomplish what I want to do.

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