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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Motivation escapes me...for writing and for cleaning and organizing....and the thing is I have no idea why or no idea how to get it back. So I'm here rambling on a bit in the hopes of coming up with a plan that I can actually use to get back on track...

I've tried note cards (like index cards) ...one for each day of the week....I write the list and then they just sit...untouched and the chores....just get a hit and miss.

I've tried revamping my Month by Month notebook and then there is it on the shelf...looking at me accusingly...mocking me as it sits there....

I've tried my handy dandy really cute...monthly notepads....I used to love them ...the clever little pads that feature symbols and such for each month....We are in March so of course...shanrocks...I used to love to make a list and mark things off and then start a fresh page...feeling that soo much had gotten accomplished...

It's not that I'm sad or depressed.....I have lots of things I'm loving doing....walking, talking with friends, facebooking, going on trips, reading novels, watching some new shows on TV....playing with the faery cards....I just don't want to do the mundane chores....and feel overwhelmed with the blogs...but I do love writing so I am here...writing in the hopes it will get me moving...somewhere along this path...where the hours of the day just slip by and then I realize once again...I have not made a dent in the things I need to do...:(......perhaps I will write more....and in the writing perhaps the answers are hidden.

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